Hunstanton kayaks  provide guided kayak trips and lessons for all abilities, based on the seafront at Hunstanton on the NW corner of Norfolk

Whether you are a family getting into a Sea Kayak for the first time or an experienced paddler looking for a grand adventure, Hunstanton kayaks will give you an unforgettable experience!

Our friendly and highly qualified guides will teach you all you need to know to get going, or if you are an experienced paddler looking to develop your skills we have a wealth of knowledge to help you progress.

All equipment is provided by us. Our sit on top kayaks are stable and easy to control; they glide smoothly through the water allowing you to explore big sections of the coast with minimal effort. We also have large double kayaks available for youngsters or those who are a little apprehensive.

Single Seat Kayaks

A single seat kayak is made to hold only one kayaker. Kayaks for different purposes are built differently, so a buyer who spends time kayaking on the open sea may want a fast kayak with an additional skeg, which helps keep the kayak rowing in a straight line. A narrow, streamlined kayak moves faster than a wider one. A well-known brand of fast, single seat kayaks is Dagger.

Another option for a single seat kayak is a sit-on-top kayak. This is a fun option for a small kid or for someone who just wants a kayak to paddle around in a gentle body of water. The best thing about a sit-on-top kayak is that it is harder to flip over, making it safe and ideal for a younger or more inexperienced kayaker who is getting the hang of kayaking for the first time. A single seat kayak which offers a sit-on-top style is also enjoyed by a person who likes to fish for sport.

Double Seat Kayaks

A double seat kayak is meant for two. Enjoy kayaking with a friend with the purchase of a double seat kayak. Most recreational kayaks are made of polythene, but for kayakers who want a little more adventure in the sea and are more experienced, a buyer should choose a double-seat kayak which is made of lightweight materials and also offers a bulkhead, rudders, and added buoyancy aids. Double seat kayaks are also used for surfing purposes, and surfing kayaks are more durable, have flat bottoms, and can hold up to more in terms of being scratched and damaged due to the fact they are used in pounding or rough waters that users surf in.

Perception makes popular two-seater kayaks. Many of these kayaks come in fun, bright colours and have extra features such as compartments for drinks and snacks, comfortable seats with backrests, and even volume distribution for smooth kayaking. For whitewater kayaking, kayaks for this purpose are shorter than touring or recreational kayaks, which tend to be longer


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